CIS Dept. Transfer Credits

Transfer Credit for CISC101 is rarely given

CISC101 counts as a "group D" Math/Science credit for Arts and Science majors. Therefore, there is a "very high bar" for transfer credit for CISC101. To evaluate whether your course can be transferred as CISC101, a course description is not sufficient, and even a syllabus (if it is only a high level description) may not be enough. There needs to be clear and convincing evidence (e.g. sample homework assignments, exams) that the course went beyond simple applications such as MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and also included Math/Science content such as:

  1. digital representation of various kinds of information
  2. computer organization (sample topics: CPU, RAM, volatile vs. non-volatile storage)
  3. simple programming (e.g. in BASIC, JavaScript)

Most courses at other institutions do not meet these criteria, and even if they do, it is often difficult for students to gather and present sufficient evidence for us to be able to accept CISC101 for transfer.

However, if you feel that you can gather this evidence, contact the faculty member responsible for reevaluating transfer credits by email. (Right now that is Daniel Chester; his email address is User Name: chester and Domain Name: In your email:

  • Put CISC101 transfer credit in the subject line.
  • Include a list of the evidence you have that the course you took contains sufficient math and science content as indicated above.
  • Include several times over the next week when you would be available for an appointment.

Transfer credit for courses other than CISC101:

If you are requesting transfer credit for a CIS course other than CISC101 often the CIS Department part can be handled by email.

Send an email to User Name: chester and Domain Name: containing the following:

  1. Your full name (first middle last). Do NOT send your SSN (repeat...NO SSNs!)
  2. Name of school where you took the course
  3. Name/Number of the course you took
  4. When you took the course
  5. If known: what course you want to transfer it in to UD as.
  6. If you can find a web link to the course description from the other school, that is very helpful.
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