Core Research Area in Computer Vision

Computer vision is the study of images and video in order to extract meaningful information (e.g., "Is there a person in this photograph?"), make measurements (e.g., "How tall is the person in this photograph?"), and ultimately achieve a task-specific understanding of what is being seen. Robust computer vision techniques have many important potential applications, and research at the University of Delaware covers several such areas. Prominent among these include scene understanding, computational photography, camera systems, biometrics, medical image analysis, mobile robot perception, remotely sensed image analysis, and metric reconstruction of indoor/outdoor scenes.

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Current Faculty

Chandra Kambhamettu, Professor: Computer vision, Visualization, Computer graphics.

Christopher Rasmussen, Associate Professor: Intersection of computer vision and robotics; Perception for mobility in semi-structured and outdoor environments.

Jingyi Yu, Associate Professor: Computational imaging; Rendering; Geometric modeling; Mobile computer vision; Surveillance; Image understanding for bioinformatics.


CISC 442/642 Introduction to Computer Vision
CISC 829 Computational Geometry
CISC 849 Advanced Topics: Computational Photography and Videos
CISC 849 Robot Navigation and Autonomy
CISC 849 Deformable Bodies
CISC 849 Advanced topics in Computer Vision
CISC 849 Computational Photography and Videos

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