Core Research Area in Software Engineering

Software engineering is a broad field of computer science including models, languages, methods, mechanisms, and tools for the elaboration, evaluation, and evolution of products and processes all along the software lifecycle - from requirements specification to software maintenance and reengineering. At the University of Delaware, software engineering is an increasing area of research and graduate study.

Research in software engineering at University of Delaware currently focuses on software testing methodology and tools customized for web applications, systematic testing of program-based security mechanisms, techniques and tools for aspect mining, applying natural language processing to aid program understanding and navigation, and exploiting dynamic compilation technology for dynamic program analysis useful in software tools.

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Current Faculty

James Clause, Assistant Professor: Software engineering; Program analysis; Debugging; Green software engineering; Software privacy.

Lori Pollock, Professor: Program analysis for building better software maintenance tools; Optimizing compilers for modern computer architectures; Software testing.

Stephen F. Siegel, Associate Professor: Analysis and verification of concurrent and distributed software systems, Model checking, Scientific computing, Parallel computation


CISC 611/CPEG 611 Software Process Management
CISC 612/CPEG 612 Software Design
CISC 613/CPEG 613 Software Requirements Engineering
CISC 614/CPEG 614 Formal Methods in Software Engineering
CISC 615/CPEG 615 Software Testing and Maintenance
CISC 675 Object-oriented Software Engineering
CISC 862 Advanced Software Design
CISC 872 Advanced Program Analysis and Transformations

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