Laboratories - Theory of Computation

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Computational Learning Laboratory

342 Smith Hall, Professor John Case.

The members of the Computational Learning Laboratory do theoretical, mathematical work regarding abstract machine models of, among other things, learning and self-modeling.

LinBox Laboratory

119 Elkton Road, Professor David Saunders, Research Associate Professor David Wood.

We design algorithms and high performance implementations for exact linear algebra computation. Exact linear algebra with matrices of integers is harder than the more widely used approximate linear algebra in floating point. Our work contributes to LinBox, a software library for solving exact systems exactly. It is developed by a team of researchers in the US, France, and Canada.

Network Management and Optimization Laboratory

342 Smith Hall, Professors Adarsh Sethi and Errol Lloyd.

Network management involves the design of techniques for the monitoring and control of computer networks to ensure optimal performance and resource utilization. We focus on fault management whose aim is to detect, diagnose, localize, and recover from hardware and software failures and performance bottlenecks that may plague a network. We are also interested in the management of wireless networks including methods for managing mobility to provide seamless operation of network services.

In network optimization we aim to provide provably optimal or near optimal solutions to a range of power specification and control problems arising in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks. The primary focus is on topology control (assigning power levels to network nodes so as to achieve a specified network topology) in both stationary and mobile networks. Additional work includes the study of relay node placement and of power back off as a collision resolution mechanism.

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