For Newly Admitted Students

If you are visiting for the first time or just arriving, here are directions to the UD Campus. The CIS Department is in Smith Hall on the Central Campus, at the corner of South College Ave. and Amstel Ave.

An early concern for admitted students is housing. Visit the University's page on university housing for graduate students and their families. There are also many private apartment complexes near the campus or accessible via the University's free shuttle bus service (view full maps). Here are several options for searching for them:

The University tries to help incoming students with temporary accommodation if requested. If you are interested in this arrangement, please contact Vera Wagenfuhr.

A good resource for foreign students is the Office of International Students and Scholars. Or, try the list of Departmental and University-wide student groups.

The University maintains a Career Services Center with information about on- and off-campus jobs for UD students. Periodically, job opportunities of special interest to CIS students are posted. Research assistantships in the department are not centrally advertised and are generally only offered by individual professors based on a student's proven aptitude in courses and/or independent projects.

Academic requirements for graduate students are outlined on the Current Graduate Students page.

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